UV Disinfection Lighting

The technology is not new, it has been used for decades to clean water, air and surfaces. We have independent EPA laboratory clinical validation that UV light will deactivate Covid-19 along with other viruses and bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus, C.diff, C.auris and more ...

  • Our team has over 40 years of experience working with facility management professionals

  • Our experts  can provide safe and economical UV Disinfection Solutions including consultation, layout and design, supply, installation, and financing. 

  • We work with Medical, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Government, Education, Multifamily, Military, Transportation, and Retail facilities

  • Pulsed Xenon, UV-C Fluorescent, LED UV-C, Near UV-C, Far UV-C

  • Ceiling or Wall Mounted Lights

  • Portable Mobile Pushcarts and Autonomous Robots

  • Upper Air Disinfection Lights

  • Combination LED Lights with Germicidal Components


With the gold rush on for UV disinfection lighting, you need a company that you can trust. Too many new unproven products from unknown manufacturers are flooding the market. With people's health, safety, and wellness on the line, you cannot afford wrong choices. See why large national distributors trust LED Lighting Consulting as their lighting experts!

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide innovative and safe solutions to make our workplaces and gathering places safe from viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi including Covid-19.

  • To help reduce energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint so that we leave a more sustainable world for our children

  • To work with our clients in an honest and transparent manner to help them select the best possible lighting solutions based on their plans and goals. 

  • To share our years of lighting experience at no cost to our clients as a service to earn their trust and business. 

  • To provide quality products manufactured by proven manufacturers that will last and provide the projected savings they anticipate. 

  • To provide licensed quality installers with strong track records and years of experience to make the installation process smooth and pleasant.

  • To plan and communicate frequently with our clients so that they are always aware of their project status and minimize any type of disruption to their clients.