Free  Consultation

  • Lets schedule a Zoom Meeting to introduce our company to you. 

  • We suggest that we include your purchasing and facilities management team.

  • We use a consultative approach and discuss your biggest concerns and where we feel that we can make the biggest impact

  • We take a look at the disinfection protocols you have in place now and how we can help to make your building safer by adding UV disinfection lighting

  • We find out how much of your building has been converted to LED Lighting and determine if it makes sense to finish converting the balance of the facility. 

  • After that discussion, we can determine the next best steps and put together a comprehensive action plan.

Services We Provide

  • Free Consultation with UV Disinfection and Commercial Lighting Experts

  • UV Disinfection Lighting Layouts

  • Onsite LED Lighting Facility Audits 

  • Lighting Design with Point by Point Foot Candle Calculations

  • Free Payback and Return on Investment Energy Analysis

  • Utility Lighting Rebates – Identify, apply and administer

  • Supply all UV Disinfection Lighting and LED Lighting products

  • Installation for Single, Multiples of Locations or National Roll Outs

  • Multiple Financing Options Available