Free Onsite Lighting Audits

Glass Buildings

  • This is where we start to identify your existing lighting system

  • Our professional auditors use Ipads and proprietary software to capture all the data.

  • Count all the fixtures in the building by area and space

  • Count and identify all the bulbs in those fixtures

  • Capture images of each fixture type

  • Identify voltage

  • Identify all operating hours for lights in each area

  • Identify ceiling types and heights for installations

  • Identify all dimmers, sensors and emergency ballasts

  • Measure and visually evaluate the existing lighting levels and conditions

  • Note any broken lights, lenses or fixtures that are not operating


Utility Lighting Rebates

  •  Many utility companies offer lighting rebates to help pay for LED lighting retrofit projects.

  • We get a utility bill from you to determine your utility company and what you pay for power.

  • We download their existing lighting rebate program and review that to determine which products have the greatest rebates.

  • We contact an energy manager and discuss the existing program to make sure funds are still available.

  • We help with the rebate paperwork to register the project and supply the required documentation when the project is completed.